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Basement Waterproofing

We offer several different waterproofings to ensure that your basement is moisture free. 

Insulation and Drainage

Thermal drain is an insulation and drainage board combined in one. It offers an R value of 3, 5, or 10 depending on the thickness. We also offer other types of drainage systems. 

Under Slab Waterproofing

Protects your floor from water seeping in from beneath the structure. We offer Preprufe Waterproofing. 

Crack Injection Repair

Foundation Sealers can drill and inject foam or epoxy resin to ensure a water tight seal to keep your basement dry. 

Above Grade Coatings

Foundation sealers offers above grade waterproofing coatings that are UV stable to enhance the look of your above grade foundation. 

Concrete Cure and Seal

We offer FoxFire P-1007 and FoxFire WB 5000. These products block and reduce vapor emissions through concrete but will leave the concrete breathable. Purges soluble chlorides and prevents re-entry. Cures and chemically hardens in one application. P-1007 also reduces radon gas penetration through concrete. No additional hydration required after application! Naturally mold and mildew resistant. 

Our Products

GCP Technologies

The company was previously known as Grace. We offer the products ProCor 75, Bituthene, and Preprufe Waterproofing. 


We offer products from the world's leading manufacturer of high-performance building envelope solutions. 


Environmentally safe, cost-effective waterproofing systems from an ISO 9001 Certified Supplier. 


FoxFire P-1007 Crystalline Waterproofing Technology

Cure and Seal Product 

FoxFire P-1007 is applied by our trained crew to your new or old concrete. The sealer immediately goes to work filling micro cracks, pores, and fissures in your concrete. Moisture now CANNOT get through! This eliminates mold, mildew, and high moisture levels. Your concrete is protected from water damage, salt attack, and more! Lasts the lifetime of the concrete. FoxFire products are great for strengthening your concrete structures as a permanent concrete waterproofing solution. Have us spray any concrete surface exposed to moisture! For example, balconies, exposed walkways, slab on grade floors, pool patios, pavers, garage floors, stamped concrete, basement slabs, sea walls, and more!

FoxFire WB 5000 Water Repellant

Withstands wind driven rain up to 90 miles per hour by penetrating deep into the concrete, provides the density to block winds. 

FoxFire Product Information

Foundation Sealers is an Applicator and Distributor of FoxFire Concrete Solutions. 

Concrete is Multi-Dimensional (pdf)


Crystalline Technology Page 1 (pdf)


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P-1007 Sealer Information (pdf)


P-1007 Information (pdf)


PL-1007 Sealer Information (pdf)


P-1007 & PL-1007 Catalyst Information (pdf)


5000WB Water Repellent Information (pdf)


FoxFire Stain Repellent Information (pdf)


Parking Structures Page 1 Information (pdf)


Parking Structures Page 2 Information (pdf)


Integral Crystalline Waterproofing Technology Powerpoint (ppt)


About Us

Foundation Sealers is a family run business serving CT and RI for over 40 years. 

Foundation Sealers has successfully completed the GCP Applied Technologies Preprufe Training School and is approved to install Preprufe.

Foundation Sealers is an Applicator and Distributor of FoxFire Concrete Solutions.

We pride ourselves on our Honesty, Integrity, and Quality Workmanship. 

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